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Porte feuille électronique – Techcrunch and Google Wallet

Google Wallet is great, magical, impressive, and all sorts of other positive adjectives. But today’s launch is just a small, but meaningful, first step. NFC-based payments via Mobile is something the world has long unanimously agreed would be awesome, but nearly all of the progress toward it (at least in the US) has been behind the scenes. This is the first time the public has really gotten to play with it — and while it’s going to take a few years (at the very least. Think about how many shops still insist on “Cash Only”.) before it’s ubiquitous enough to kill your wallet, Google seems in it for the long haul.

(… now, can anyone tell me what the heck I’m supposed to do when the battery dies and I’ve left my wallet at home?)

Here’s a quick demo of me using Google Wallet to buy food at a drive-through: