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Richard Branson À C2-Mtl… l’entrepreneuriat à son maximum !! (vidéo et texte en anglais)

To say that Sir Richard Branson keeps busy is a major understatement. Famous for his multi-billion dollar business achievements in the fields of music, aviation, mobile technology and more, he also spearheads a dizzying array of social initiatives.

These include The Elders, a group including Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu that intervenes in global conflict zones, and the Global Commission on Drug Policy, a group of ex-politicians with whom Branson works on one of his pet projects, ending the War on Drugs.

“I suspect, as in business, we slightly take on too much,” admits Branson about his philanthropic activities. “I’m known as Dr. Yes; it’s more fun to say yes than no. And there’s a lot of problems in the world. But if we feel we can bring something unique to a particular situation, we’ll look into it.”

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