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Marketing stratégique avec Samuel Bouchard président de Robotiq inc. (en anglais)


Robotiq is a spin-off of the Laval University Robotics Laboratory, located in Quebec City, Canada. Its three founders — Samuel Bouchard, Vincent Duchaine and Jean-Philippe Jobin — are all graduates from this lab, which is world-renowned for the quality of its research and prototypes.

Robotiq’s adaptive gripper is designed to be easily integrated and installed on a range of robotic platforms.  Robotiq works with robot manufacturers, integrators and researchers to deliver scalable, dexterous hands/grippers that expand application opportunities and reduce time-to-market.

Targeted robotics applications

  1. 1Automated grasping of several objects in the same cycle.
  2. 2Telemanipulation of unknown, diverse and / or delicate objects.
  3. 3Autonomous mobile manipulation.